This Template now simply calls WarBox template and does nothing itself. In fact, this template page can simply be replaced with a redirect to WarBox without affecting the functionality of either. If you wish to revert this template back to an independent template then revert it to this version.

This box displays information about a battle with two to four sides.


|name        = 
|image       = 
|imgsize     = 
|imgdesc     = 

|prev        = 
|conc        = 
|next        = 

|conflict    = 
|date        = 
|place       = 
|result      = 

|side1       = 
|side2       =
|side3       =
|side4       = 
|goal1       =
|goal2       = 
|goal3       = 
|goal4       = 
|commanders1 = 
|commanders2 = 
|commanders3 = 
|commanders4 = 
|forces1     = 
|forces2     = 
|forces3     = 
|forces4     = 
|casual1     = 
|casual2     = 
|casual3     = 
|casual4     = 

Required FieldsEdit

The following fields must be filled. The rest are optional.

  • side1 and side2
    • The titles of the two combatants. Use side3 and side4 as needed.

Optional FieldsEdit

The following are some notes on optional fields.

  • imgsize
    • Manually sets the width of image, otherwise image uses 275px.
      • Requires units to be set. 200px is a valid entry. 200 is not.
  • imgdesc
    • Image description/Caption
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