Celtic Predator

Celtic was a Young Blood Yautja who came to Earth with his brothers Scar and Chopper to complete a Rite of Passage by going on a Xenomorph Hunt in a Pyramid in Antarctica.

Celtic ultimately failed when he was killed by Grid. As he did not kill any Xenomorphs during the Rite of Passage Celtic never became Blooded.

Biography Edit

After swiftly dispatching the human guards with a wide range of weaponry, Celtic and his brothers Chopper and Scar moved to the Pyramid entrance and used his Sat-Com to analyze the pyramid and locate the humans. The Sat-Com also revealed that the humans had taken the Plasma Casters found within the Pyramid. Entering the Pyramid, Celtic and Chopper began to kill the humans until Chopper was ambushed by the Drone Grid. Celtic had used his Net Launcherand greater strength to quickly show superiority over the less advanced race, however this all changes as the Predator faces a more suitable opponent.

After Grid killed Chopper, Celtic's attention was changed from the humans to the Alien. Celtic immediately engaged in combat with the Xenomorph Drone while the humans fled. The two fought each other in the ancient Pyramid uninterrupted, with Celtic inflicting some damage on Grid by cutting off the end of its tail using his Wrist Blades, though this caused it to partly melt due to the highly acidic Xenomorph blood. Celtic threw Grid into a pillar, but cutting off Grid's tail caused a slight problem for Celtic because Grid, with its tail chopped off, was able to spray its acidic blood everywhere which resulted in melting Celtic's armor plating. Celtic, distracted by his melting breastplate, quickly removed it and then turned his attention back to Grid to find the Xenomorph gone. Looking around, Celtic changed his Bio-Mask's vision to Alien vision so he could better spot his prey. Grid then emerged from its elevated hiding spot and leapt at the Predator, but the alert hunter, using his swift reaction timing, turned around and shot Grid with his Net Launcher causing it to break through the floor and fall into a pit filled with bones, Humans and Predator alike. Appearing to have gained the upper hand, Celtic pursued his foe and drew a Ceremonial Dagger to finish the netted alien. However, the Alien's acidic blood dissolved the netting so the Alien (now earning the name Grid) could escape. It tackled Celtic to the ground and knocked away the Dagger. They struggled until Grid got the upper hand and killed Celtic with a Headbite.

List of Known Victims Edit

  • Maxwell Stafford

Personality and Traits Edit

Celtic was a very large Yautja who could have been easily tempered by small things, like when he and his brothers Scar and Chopper were hunting the digging team on the surface and Rusten Quinn shot Celtic once in his shoulder pauldron with a Desert Eagle which angered Celtic and he pushed the human to the ground, continuously beating him, eventually sending him down the 2,000 feet tunnel, showing his superiority over the human. Despite his ruthlessness, he was not a dishonorable hunter and still followed the Yautja Honor Code, as he was only shown killing those who had attacked him in some way. Celtic was very over-confident, even by Predator standards, as despite having the upper hand during most of the fight, he took too long in unsheathing his dagger, giving Grid the time it needed to escape and kill him.

Equipment Edit

Celtic carried a variety of equipment during his Rite of Passage Hunt in Antarctica. As with his brothers, Celtic wore a Bio-Mask, which received four scratch marks over the left eye when Grid scratched it with its claw. On the left side of his back, Celtic carried a Plasma Caster, which was positioned over his left shoulder and a Medi-Kit, which was located to the right of the Caster. On the right side of his back, Celtic carried a Combi-Stick. On his right gauntlet, Celtic was equipped with dual Wrist Blades which could extend to two lengths and have the direction of the blades reversed. On his left gauntlet he was equipped with a Net Launcher. Celtic also had a pair Scimitars which could mount to the bottom of his gauntlets,[2] although he did not equip them during his Rite of Passage Hunt in 2004. On his belt, Celtic carried a retractedShuriken. On the right side of his right leg, Celtic carried a Ceremonial Daggerin a sheath, which he drew to finish of Grid who was trapped in his Net Launcher's net. However, Grid managed to escape the net quickly and tackle Celtic, knocking away the Dagger.

List Edit

  • Cloaking Device
  • Wrist Blades
  • Combi-Stick
  • Shuriken
  • Net Launcher
  • Ceremonial Dagger
  • Bio-Mask
  • Wrist Gauntlet
  • Self-Destruct Device
  • Sat-Com
  • Scimitar x2[2]
  • Medi-Kit

Behind the Scenes Edit

The basic body suits for all three Predators in Alien vs. Predator — Scar, Celtic and Chopper — were actually poured from the same mould, before being customized after the fact to make each character appear unique. Sixteen suits were created, each painted in the same color scheme so that they could be replaced at any time if necessary.[1] As in Predator 2, the armor was created separately as the script required it to be removed; armor pieces, made from either fiberglass or flexible urethane, were used to customize the suits and create the three different individuals.[1] Celtic was given Wrist Blades similar to those seen in previous films, a new, sleeker Combi-Stick and a Net Launcher on the left forearm gauntlet. Celtic's mask, as his name implies, was modelled on Celtic knotworks.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Celtic is the biggest and the leader of the three brothers, with a more elaborate and distinguishable Bio-Mask. Ian Whyte, who played Celtic in the film, said he tried to give the Predator the attitude of an alpha male. He and his brothers might have spent a lot of extra time training, because they have a bulkier, more muscular body than other Predators, and even the Super Predators, who appear to be taller and leaner.
  • The Predator Hunter in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator shares his appearance with Celtic. Hunter is also a multiplayer skin in the game, unlocked when players reach Rank 16.
  • Celtic's Bio-Mask seems to be inspired by Guardian's from Predator 2, which was in fact the original mask created for the Jungle Hunter in Predator.[1]
  • Celtic seems to be the most ruthless of his brothers and also gets angered very easily.
  • The Celtic mask can be seen in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem when Wolf retrieves his mask off of a wall. It can be seen, although briefly, along with Scar's and Chopper's Bio-Masks.
  • Celtic is the first Predator to fight an Alien on-screen, although Chopper was the first to be seen with an Alien.
  • Judging from how ferociously Celtic was fighting Grid he may have been trying to avenge the death of his brother Chopper. This may have lead to his downfall, since he may have put the hunt aside so he could avenge Chopper and he took too long to kill Grid.
  • It is somewhat odd that Celtic didn't retrieve his Combi-Stick before fighting Grid.
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