Combat on Frigate Predator 2
Dachande and Tichande fight

Combat on Frigate Predator


Hunt on Bunda


Frigate Predator

  • Dachande win and assume the leadership

Assume the Leadership of Hunting Clan

Assume the Leadership of Hunting Clan

Was a second combat between Dachande and Tichande, the winner was Dachande.

Fighting Edit

After Tichande win the combat he aproaching on the top were symbols of the four clans when he has to grabin the colar of leadership
Dachande interferes Tichande

Dachande interferes Tichande

Dachande interferes, as they look each other they start to fight hiting each other with the head, Tichande roar and aproaching to Dachande to hit with a punch but Dachande hit in knewl in the belly and with the hands together in the back and Tichande fell in the ground, he get up and move to catch Dachande but he grab Tichande in the belly up on him roaring and throw
Dachande beat Tichande

Dachande beat Tichande.

him out the ring in a wall, Dachande win and the Predators greet him, Dachande grab the colar of Leadership and put him.

Aftermath Edit

After the combat the 4 groups Predators equiped and ready to the hunt and get to the vessels Predators, on Dachande's group will they entering Tichande look to Dachande with a pissed look for leading the group, as they enter the 4 vessels Predators start move and each one go to a planet to hunt.

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