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Creation on Earth
Malak'Kak desingrated.jpg
Date Circa 3.2 billion BC
Place Earth
  • A Malak'kak sacrifice to create life on Earth
Sacrificial Malak'kak
Sacrificial Malak'kak


3.2 billion years ago before the Humans and the Aliens, on Earth a Transport Ship Malak'kak came and land, some Malak'kak came out, on a waterfall a Malak'kak his chosen to sacrifice to create life on Earth and it has given the ceremonial bowl, the other Malak'kak return to the Transport Ship Malak'kak to leave.


The Malak'kak who was chosen watch the Transport Ship Malak'kak leave. He put the ceremonial bowl on the ground, take out his cloack and he open the ceremonial bowl were lies a black liquid, he grab it, looking it and drink it, he watch the Transport Ship Malak'kak leaving, suddenly he cough, dropping the box were the black liquid was, he watching it self disintegrating, inside of him his cells were destroying themselves, he scream in pain, seting on the ground on the kneels, his left arm split in two and enter the waterfall falling in to the deep, on the ground his head split off, disintegranting all and creating life.


After the life been created on Earth the species appeared also the Humans and Malak'kak visit the Earth multiple times to observe the human race's development, presumably to pursue further unknown studies on humanity. The Humans worshiped them as Gods.