Fall on LV 426
Alien derelict crash on lv 426 by dendareloaded-d2zdr47

Nostromo's Incident


20 years


LV 426 Zeta 2 Reticuli

  • Pilot Malak Catch by Facehungger Alien
  • Cargo Ship Space Jocket Crash on LV 426
  • Pilot Space Jockey send the Warning
  • The Chestbuster Malak Alien erupt from the Pilot Malak
  • Pilot Malak kill Chestbuster Malak Alien
  • Pilot Malak die




Pilot Malak of LV 426

Facehugger Alien

Chestbuster Malak Alien


Pilot Malak of LV 426

1 Facehugger Alien

1 Chestbuster Malak Alien

On deep space in Zeta 2 Reticuli a Cargo Ship Malak was in moving with one Pilot Malak with thousads Eggs Aliens in the Cargo Silo, on route a Facehunger Alien catch the Pilot Malak and put an egg alien inside of it and put him unconscious, Cargo Ship Malak go unbalance and go in route to LV 426 one the 3 moons of Planet Calpamos, enter on atmosfere the Cargo Ship Malak crash on, the Pilot Malak awake up and activade the Signal Beacon to launch a warning, after that the Chestbuster Malak Alien rise and Pierced the chest but the Pilot Malak grab it and rip into two pieces in left side, the blood Chestbuster Malak Alien fall into the ground and pierced and the Pilot Malak throw the two pieces in to the hull and he die, the Cargo Malak with the Eggs Aliens has been intact and the Signal Beacon continue work.