Hunt on Bouvet Island

Hunt on Razorback Point Whaling Station


Hunt on Gunnison Colorado

Start Date


End Date

Same Year




Ambush on Norwegian fishing station

Trap in Pyramid Predator

Ambush in corridor

Fight in the Pyramid Predator

Pursuit on Pyramid Predator

Attack on the corridor

Escape of the Pyramid Predator

Fight on Bouvet Island

  • All Aliens dead
  • Chopper Predator and Celtic Predator kill by the Grid Alien
  • Team Weyland dead
  • Pyramid Predator destroyed
  • Alien Queen Antartica fall into the Ocean
  • Scar Predator die
  • Alexa Woods survive
  • Predalien emerge from Scar Predator
  • Infest the Earth and kill anyone the away
  • Hunt the Aliens
  • Explore the Pyramid Predator
  • 9 Drones Aliens
  • Hundreds Facehunggers Aliens
  • Grid Alien
  • 9 Drones Aliens
  • Hundreds Facehunggers Aliens
  • all
  • Rusten Quinn
  • Charles Bishop Weyland
  • Sebastian De Rose
  • Max Stafford
  • Greame Miller
  • Mark Verheiden
  • Joe Connors
  • Thomas Parks
  • Adele Rousseau
  • Bass
  • Stone
  • Klaus
  • Boris
  • Sven
  • Mikkel

Was a conflict between Aliens and Predators on the Pyramid and the Humans get cacth on the middle.

Discovery Edit

In 3 Ouctober 2004 a Satellite named PS-12 of Weyland Industries in orbit of the Earth detected a heat bloom on Bouvet Island of the Antarctic and transmitted the information to Receiving Station #6-D, when the signal alert was on the Fin Ullbeck and the Supervisor Dr. Langer check on the Screen look the data receive of PS-12 it was above of Sector 14 show images of a Pyramid beneath the ice. Charles Biphop Weyland Billionaire industrialist and the founder and CEO send Maxwell "MaxStafford leader of a private military team to recruit scientists, archelogys and adventures to the expedition to the Bouvet Island. On Lho La Icefall in Nepal Max recrute Alexa Woods environmental technician, on Teotihuacan, Mexico recrute Sebastian De Rose and Thomas Parks.

Assemblemt Edit

After recrute enough members there come to ship Piper Maru on Antartica, one chopper Alexa meet Graeme Miller an quimic engineer, they reache to Piper Maru with the others arrive, inside they were waiting, Sebastian and Thomas discuss about the money and go back to Mexico, Graeme was playing with a snow cat, Mark Verheiden a mercenary talk arrogance to get out of snow cat, Alexa say to him "nice team spirit" he tell to her to keep way from the beacon, Miller ask her what hes a beacon

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