Hunt on Bunda
Hunt on Bunda-0

Combat on Frigate Predator 2


Hunt on Swamp Planet



  • Predators hunt all the Aliens
  • Kill anyone in the path
  • Hunt the Aliens
  • None
  • Leader Predator (Bunda)
  • 8 Warriors Aliens
  • 11 Predators
  • all
  • none

Was a battle between Aliens and Predators on Jungle Planet Bunda, it was conclued when the Predators hunt all the Aliens.

Coming Edit

The first pod Predator came to Bunda, on arrival unleashed a Crab Machine Predator who carry Aliens Eggs, the Crab Predator release the Aliens Eggs after the release
Crab Predator self destruct

Crab Predator self destruct.

they self-destruct by burning it Alien Species Monkeys Aliens on the planet were atracted to the Aliens Eggs, when there too close the Aliens Eggs opened and the Facehunggers Aliens grab them and put Aliens Eggs inside of them.

Arrival Edit

Predators louking for the Aliens on Bunda-0

Predators looking for the Aliens.

The vessel Predator arrive in Bunda, the Predators going outside to look the Aliens and hunting them, on the away they found aliens monkeys dead with chests opened and go continue search the Aliens.

Hunt Edit

On the away they meet with the Aliens and fight, a minutes after the Predators hunt all the Warrios Aliens and were victorius, they rip
Predator claim the Trophy

Predator claim a Trophy.

the Warriors Aliens heads for Trophys and they mark with their symbols of the group on the foreheads with Alien Blood.

Aftermath Edit

The Predators enter on their Predator Vessel to leave and return to Frigate Predator with their Trophys.

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