Hunt on Central America 2

Hunt on Central America


Hunt on Los Angeles

Hunt on New York (Alternative Story)

Start Date


End Date



Guatamela, Val Verde

  • Jim Hopper and his team hunted
  • Hostages executed
  • Rebel Camp destroyed by Dutch and his team
  • Dutch's team hunted
  • Jungle Hunter Predator self destruct
  • Dutch and Anna survived
  • Alan Schaefer's private military team
  • CIA
  • U.S. Army


  • 5 soldiers
  • 2 pilots
  • 30 soldiers Guerrillas
  • Jim Hopper (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • 5 soldiers (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • 2 pilots (killed by Guerrillas)
  • Hostage 1 killed by Russian Advisor
  • Hostage 2 killed by Russian Adivisor
  • Al Dillon (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • Mac Eliot (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • Blain Cooper (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • Billy Sole (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • Jorge Poncho Ramirez (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • Rick Hawkins (killed by Jungle Hunter)
  • Jungle Hunter Predator
  • Russian Advisor (killed by Dutch)
  • Guerrilla Van (killed by Dutch)
  • Guerrilla Watch Tree (killed by Blain)
  • 30 soldiers Guerrillas (killed by Ducth and his team)
The Hunt on Central America 2 was the second Conflict when the Jungle Hunter Predator return to the Central America to hunt Humans for sport, he met a group of elite soldiers who became his prey.

Hunting Jim Hopper and his Team Edit

A Scout Ship Predator aproaching on Earth.

In 1987 on space a Scout Ship Predator aproaching on Earth, the Jungle Hunter Predator enter a pod and go to the planet in direction on Central America. On the planet he arrive on Guatamela, he got out of the Predator pod and go to hunt Humans, on other side of the jungle a chopper carrie 2 CIA agents was shoot by the Guerrillas, the 2 pilots the been headshot and the agents were captured. Another agent CIA Al Dillion recruited Jim Hopper with 5 soldiers were they arrive in cost of Guatemala in Central America Dillon tell him the mission and he send them to rescue CIA agents. They enter in a chopper and go to the jungle, there pot down there and start searching the chopper and find it, after they analised they follow the trial were the agents were taken, on the way the Jungle Hunter Predator spoted them and ambush them, they could not see him so they shot all directions but there were hunted easily. Jungle Hunter Predator skinned the victims Jim and his 2 soldiers and hang them in a tree the others 3 soldiers were take to other place.

Recruiting Dutch and his team Edit

Dutch and his team are recruted.

After they lost contact with Jim Hopper and his team the U.S. Army call a team Elite Mercenaries led by ex-special forces Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer with the two Sergeants Mac Eliot, Blain Cooper, Jorge "Poncho" Ramirez, Billy Sole and Rick Hawkins. 18 hours later they arrive on Guatamela's cost in a chopper, there were transported on jeeps, Dutch get out of the jeep, met the General Phillips and enter inside. The General tell Dutch about what happend to the chopper 18 hours ago, there were a cabinet minister and his aide and tell him their location, Dutch ask him about the minister if he "always travel the wrong side of the border", General anwser that they apparently strayed of course and there certainley they were in the hands of Guerrillas, Dutch ask why they insn't use the regulat army and why they call them, Dillon tell him they are the best, Dutch turn and was suprised to see his

Dutch and Dillon doing iron arm.

friend and they doing iron arm Dutch was winning and Dillon give up and he was happy to see him and he was satisfied about the job on Berlim and ask about why he passed on Lybia Dutch tell him was his style, Dillon say that he don't have style and he want to know why he passed Dutch answer that they are a recue team not assassins. Dutch ask the General what their misson objectives, the General tell about the minister the his very important for operations, Dillon interruped saying that General tell that some his friends about to be crush and they cound´t allow it and he want tell the reason why they call Dutch and his team.

Dillon talk to Dutch about the misson.

Dutch curious Dillon tell the misson that his simple, 1 day operation to detect the trail chopper, to find the hostages and cross the border before they knowing, Dutch ask about they Dillon say that he's going with him, Dutch inform his team always work alone, but General inform that they have their orders, when they reach the objective Dillon will take the commando, Dutch and Dillon look each other. Dutch and his team dress the uniforms soldeirs and get the equiment they need.

Enter the Jungle Edit

After they equipaded they enter in a chopper company with other chopper and take fly, During flying into the jungle they camufladed, they in the radio the music Long Tall Sally, Blain eat candy ofered some to Mac

Choppers enter the Jungle with Dutch and his team.

but he didn't want, Hawkins tell Billy a joke but Billy say nothing Mac doing bear, Dillon inform Dutch they no are backcup on across the border they will on they own, Dutch smille, Blain offered Blain split to Dillion's feet, Dillon tell him that he has nast, Blain was pround of that, suddelly the signal goes on, the radio inform Dutch about the aproaching of drop point then ordeneard to get ready, the choppers stop in the air on drop point, Dutch and his

Dutch and his team are dropped in the Jungle.

team set foot on the ground and the choppers leave and they enter in the deeps of the jungle.

Searching on the Jungle Edit

Some hours later Dutch and his team searching the missing chopper, they find it hang down

Dutch and his team find the missing chopper.

in the trees, Poncho and Dillon enter inside the chopper they find circuits destroyed and two pilots dead. Outside the chopper Poncho go to inform Dutch about the chopper that two pilots hit a shot on the head and what rip apart without knowing, Dutch think was a heat seeker, Poncho tell about the chopper he look to him a watch taxi, Dillon ask them about the trial, Dutch say that Billy hes on that, curious about heat seeker, Dillon tink they their enemys is geting equip better every day, Billy call Dutch inform that 12 guerrilas has been there in the area, they took 2 men on the chopper and 6 soldiers of United States came from the North and follow the guerrilas, Dutch ask Dillon about that, Dillon tell it his another rebel patrol operate there all time, Dutch ordened Billy to look, the team get move, continue searching, Dutch ask Poncho about Billy what he got, Poncho say same, the group continue move, Billy does a pause to drink into a ram suddenly hear a noise on right up, Billy climb and approach, as very

Billy find Jim Hopper and his team shinned.

close, behind of the rams he find 3 Humans bodies skinned, the abrutes came out, Billy terrified run and meet the team, be take e breath, Poncho has socked, Mac grab a bag and thow to Dutch and read Jim Hopper, ordened Mac to cut them out, he talk Dillon that he know them ask what they doing there, Dillon didn't know and no anyone say to him about a operation there and they shouldn't been there, Dutch realise someyone seem them. Poncho ask Mac why the Guerrilas skinned them Mac say "its not a way a soldier die", Billy find bullets he find that have been a fight there shouting all directions, Dutch tink Jim get into a ambush but Billy didn't believe on that and he couldn't find a single track, Dutch ask about the others 3 soldiers, Billy say there no sigh, that never leave, thinking they desaperated, Dutch orderned to continue the chopper's trial and would get the hostages and ordened

Blain prepare his Mingun.

the group to move 5 meters behind and silence, Mac say it his time to take to use Mingun, Blain agreed open the bag were his Mingun in and prepared it for payback and they move following the trial. On the way the Jungle Hunter Predator watch them, the group walking in the jungle, Jungle Hunter Predator watch them, he see Dutch aproach, Dutch look to right and continue to walk the Jungle Hunter Predator continue watch them, Dillion slip make a wood trunk fall, he apoint in front, when his going continue to move, Mac appeared front on him pissed what Dillion was doing, he warning if he doing
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