Hunt on Guinea Coast Africa
Imagem 1718

Hunt in Central America

Start Date


End Date

Same Year


Guinea Coast Africa, Earth

  • Pirates all dead
  • Raphael Adolini die
  • Golden Angel Predator survive and leave Earth





Raphael Adolini




10 Pirates (turned against Raphael)

Golden Angel Predator

10 Pirates


Raphael Adolini shotted by a pirate



The Hunt on Guinea Coast Africa was a conflict between Raphael Adolini, Golden Angel Predator and the Pirates who turned against his Captain for the teasure.

Arrival Edit

Predator 1718 Imagem 1

Golden Angel Predator watch the Pirates.

In 1718 a Predator name Golden Angel came to Earth to hunt Humans and arrive on a island in Guinea Coast, he spoted a Pirate Ship and a boat with pirates, they leaded by Captain Raphael Adolini who wants bury the teasure on the island, he says "that belong to the church" but the pirates didn't agreed they turned against the Raphael.
Predator 1718 Imagem 2

Pirates betray Raphael

Furious by their betrayal he kill one them with his flintlock pistol and kick with foot to another and flee, the other pirate fire to Raphael but miss the other tell to get up will he would bring the others.

Fight Edit

On the top the other pirate climb and find Raphael, when he was about to kill him whe was stabbed by the Golden Angel Predator the back with his sword, Raphael think it has a demon and
Predator 1718 Imagem 3

Golden Angel Predator revealed to Raphael

Predator 1718 Imagem 4

Raphael and Golden Angel fight against the Pirates

attack him, the Golden Angel Predator descamuflage, Raphael ask him if he his a beast, the Golden Angel Predator say "you are beast" and then fight. The others pirates came and they watch them fighting one ask if the Predator was a Golden Angel or ell's lord itself, the other say no matter if was angel or devil then they lauch to them so they catch the teasure and call the attention of the two. Raphael and Golden Angel Predator fight the Pirates and kill them. After they look of them the two say "bastards", the two touch in the back, they prepared to fight, he talk to the Golden Angel Predator to come, suddely
Predator 1718 Imagem 5

Raphael his shotting

Raphael was shot in the back by the last member Pirate who was hiding in the bush, the Golden Angel held Raphael, the pirate shot the Predator only side of the right leg, he say the teasure his to him and flee with it, he run and come to the point see the ship and has going to escape
Predator 1718 Imagem 6

Golden Angel kill the last member Pirate crew

but the Golden Angel Predator shot him in the back with Plasmacaster and the pirate fall down, he look to him and say "bastards" pissed. He heard the Raphael's groans and turn looking to him,
Predator 1718 Imagem 7

Raphael die

Raphael up his arm right his filntlock pistol to give to him he say "take it" and die.

Aftermath Edit

On sunshire Golden Angel Predator buit a stone coffin put Raphael in with the teasure to honored, the Golden Angel Predator look the Raphael's cross necklace and threw it to the Captain the Predator tinking what was I going to give to him look to his necklace but he choose his sword and throw into
Predator 1718 Imagem 8

Golden Angel give his sword to Raphael

to Raphael and say "take it" a signal of respect and close the coffin. The Predator collect the trophies from his victims, enter his ship and leave the Earth, leaving the island, bodies and the pirate ship.
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