Hunt on Ryushi
Aliens vs Predator comic

Hunt on Desert Planet


Hunt on Ryushi 2



  • Prosperity Wells destroyed
  • All Aliens dead
  • All Predators dead
  • Almost 100 colonists saved
  • Dachande die
  • Machiko survive

Increase their race and kill anyone in their way

Hunt the Aliens

Hunt the Aliens and Humans (Tichande and the Pack Predator)


Destroy all the Aliens

Stop the Predators from attack the colonits

  • Hundreds Warriors Aliens
  • Skemte
  • Warkha
  • Aseigan
  • Chulonte
  • Da-ec'te
  • Etah'-dte
  • Ghardeh
  • Gkyaun
  • M'icli-de
  • Mahnde
  • Oc'djy
  • Skl'da'-si
  • Ackland
  • Adam
  • Alan
  • Cho
  • Collins
  • Dal
  • Bed Davidson
  • Cathy Dowes
  • Friedman
  • Loren Gaunt
  • Rick Harrison
  • Reuben Hein
  • Hung
  • Ashley Ikeda
  • Jess Jonson
  • Marianetti
  • David Spanner
  • Squires
  • T. Stone
  • Travis
  • 66 Humans Colonists
  • 245 Rhynth
  • 13 Members of the Lector
  • All
  • Skemte (Killed in explosion of Ne'dtessei)
  • Warkha (Killed in explosion of Ne'dtessei)
  • 'Aseigan (Killed by Tichande)
  • Chulonte (Killed by Dr. Kesar Revna)
  • Da-ec'te (Killed by the Colonits Humans)
  • Etah'-dte (Killed by the Rhynth stampede)
  • Ghardeh (Killed by the Rhynth stampede)
  • Gkyaun (Killed by the Aliens)
  • M'icli-de (Killed by the Rhynth stampede)
  • Mahnde (Killed by the Colonits Humans)
  • Oc'djy (Killed by Dachande and Machiko)
  • Skl'da'-si (Killed by the Rhynth stampede)
  • Tichinde (Killed by Dachande)
  • 222 Rhynth
  • 19 Colonits
  • Riley (Killed by a Second Attacker Predator )
  • Captain Tom Strandberg (Killed by Chesbuster Warrior Alien)
  • Co-pilot Scott Conover (Killed by Chesbuster Warrior Alien)
  • 13 Members of Lector (Killed by the Chestbusters Warriors Aliens)
  • Bob Sheldon (Killed by a Predator)
  • Tuna Sheldon (Killed by a Predator)
  • Riley (Killed by a Predator)
  • Dr. Kesar Revna (Killed in accident)
  • Dr. Miriam Revna (Killed in the crash)
  • Masson (Killed by the Warriors Aliens)

The Hunt on Ryushi was a conflict between Aliens, Predators the Humans had been caught in the middle.

Coming Edit

Pod Predator coming on Ryushi Omnibus

Fourth Pod Predator coming to Ryushi.

In other side of space the fourth Pod Predator approach to Ryushi a desert planet at the edge of the Chigusa Corporation's holdings in the Beta Cygni system, with alien species and a Human population: 115 primarily freelance ranchers and their families, plus a token staff of corporate overseerswho set a colony call Properity Wells and enter on atmosphere.

Arrival Edit

Entering on atmosphere was detected on Properity

Aliens vs Predator Arrival

Pod Predator arriving on Ryushi.

Wells they tink as a meteor, Mason alert Machiko Nouguchi the Chigusa Corporation employee and the administrator leader of the Properity Wells, Mason tinks it could make the planet fall, Machiko tell him do not worry about that and they could investigate after the roundup, then she talk to Hiromi about Ranchers, he convence her to come to get some Rhynth, outside the
Pod Predator on crash site

Pod Predator on crash site.

Pod Predator unleashed the Crab Predator and Crash, it climb to the surface crash a Fire-Walker, on te top unleashed the Aliens Eggs.

Investigate Edit

On Prosperity Wells outside Hiroki and the Ranchers talking about Weyland Yutani and Machiko, then Machiko came out and talk with them about to get Rhynth before the Lector arrive and they go
Machiko and Hiroki go

Machiko and Hiroki go to investigate.

outside of Properity Wells with bikes to the deep Desert, on the plains they pass in the left side were 3 Jack-lizard running from them.

Caught in the Desert Edit

Rhynth aproaching to the Aliens Eggs

Rhynth approaching on the Aliens Eggs.

On the Desert the Crab Predator self destruct some Rhynth approach to the Aliens Eggs, one Rhynth came very close to the Alien Queen Egg, the Facehungger Alien Queen sense the presence of Rhynth approach and the Alien Queen Egg opened and the Alien Queen Facehungger catch
Alien Queen Facehungger catch Rhynth

Alien Queen Facehungger catch a Rhynth.

him and put the Alien Queen Egg inside of him and get uncouscious, the other Aliens Eggs opened and the Facehunggers Aliens grab the others Rhynth and put the Aliens Eggs inside of them and get uncouscious.

Rhynth Area Edit

Checking the Rhynth

Machiko and her group checking Rhynth.

On Rhynth site expecion the Rhynth and guid them to the Properity Wells, the group talk about rounds, Machiko talk to everyone about the process, then Ackland talk to her bossy, Hiroki talk to her about Ackland treat her, she say he his right, then she turn to right she was surprise and the group watch
Machiko and her team wacthing the sunset

Machiko and her team watching the sunset.

the sunset with two suns.

Approaching Edit

On Ryushi's orbit the Lector approaching, inside Scott ask Tom about what kind of mouth - breather to move all the way out and when there's a land available on Nova Terra, Tom answer that he don't know but he bet on Scott, on other side the Ne'dtessi the Transport Predator Ship
Dachande and Predator Group

Dachande and his group Predator approaching on Ryushi.

piloted by Dachande and his group Predator sited also approaching on Ryushi and enter on atmosphere.

Discovery Edit

On Prosperity Wells Machiko and Hiroki back, Collins give Machiko a papper from

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