Hunt on Swamp Planet
Aliens and Predators fight 01-0

Hunt on Bunda


Hunt on Desert Planet


Swamp Planet

  • Predators hunt all the Aliens
  • One Predator kill by a Warrior Alien
  • Light-Spear's left hand melted
  • Two-Stripers left in Swamp Planet
  • None
  • 15 Warriors Aliens
  • 8 Predators
  • 12
  • 1 Predator
  • Two-Strippers
Hunt on Swamp Thing was a conflict between Aliens and Predators on Bunda.

Coming Edit

The second pod Predator came to Swamp Planet, on arrival unleashed a Crab Machine Predator who carry Aliens Eggs, the Crab Predator release the Aliens Eggs after the release they self-destruct by burning it, Flying Aliens came to Aliens Eggs, when they came too close the Aliens Eggs opened and Facehuggers Aliens grab them and put Aliens Eggs inside of them.

Arrival Edit

Predators arrive on Swamp Planet and go outside to looking the Aliens and hunting them,
Top-Kot and his group arrive on Swamp Planet

Top-Kot and his group Predator arrive on Swamp Planet.

searching they found Flying Aliens corpses with their chests opened and continue the search.

Hunt Edit

Searching the Aliens appear behind of them, the Predators note them and attack them, during the battle Top-Kot kill two Warriors Aliens, a predator get kill and other Predator kill a Warrior Alien with Cannon Plasma Predator, they kill the Aliens around them and looking to the Predator dead, the gather trophys and mark their self, Top-Kot looking to a Predator with a Warrior Alien's head, he rip a Warrior Alien's finger
Top-Kot mark a Predator

Top-Kot mark a Predator.

and mark to the Predator's forehead with the symbol of their group and the Predator hes greaful to the Top-Kot.

Searching Edit

2 days after they land Top-Kot and 9 Predators searching more Aliens, in the trees Ligh-Spear found a Flying Alien with chest opened, Two Strippers aproaching and punch
Two Strippers puch Light Spear

Two Strippers puch Light-Spear.

on Light-Spear and fall in water, he jump on branch at front of Two Stippers to attack but Top-Kot interfered, he tinking at Two Strippes about did that, then ordened Light-Spear to move, as the Predators continue the search
Light-Spear look pissed to Two Strippers

Light-Spear look pissed Two Strippers.

Light-Spear look pissed to Two Strippers.The Predators enter spread in the trees on a swamp will Top-Kot in a branch watch them.

Hunting Edit

Inside of the Swamp Two Strippers looking the Aliens, then spot Light-Spear in the water, Light-Spear searching the Aliens, suddenly a Warrior Alien attack with his tail on Light-Spear's mask dropping it, the Warrior rise, he and Light-Spear jump to fight, Warrior Alien smash the Light-Spear's spear with the tail, Light-Spear rise his wristblades to attack but Warrior Alien hit on the chest with the head making Light-Spear fall in the ground, Light-Spear try to get up Warrior Alien grab on a Light-Spear's jaw right and rip it, then Light-Spear scratched him with his wristblades, during the fight Two Strippers watch, Light-Spear cut the Warrior Alien's head
Light-Spear's right hand melted

Light-Spear's right hand melted.

but a lot of Alien Blood jump to Light-Spear's hand left and melted and he fall in to the ground, Two Strippers aproach he watch him and he took the Warrior Alien's head and a hand he cut and left Light-Spear. Hidden in the trees Two Strippers pretending he hunt a Warrior Alien, put Alien Blood on the his right hand and he scratched his left leg with the Warrior Alien's hand, he run to meet Top-Kot and the others Predators but he has been shock to see the Predators holding Light-Spear he apoint to Two Strippers and they look to him, they already know what he has done thanks to Light-Spear's information.

Leaving Edit

On sunshire the Predators take Light-Spear to the Predator Vessel and the others Predators enter with their trophys and leave Bunda, as for the Two Strippers he was left as
Two Strippers left on the Swamp Planet

Two Strippers left on Swamp Planet.

pushiment helpless with only his Predator Mask trapped with 3 Warriors Aliens.
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