Nostromo's Incident
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Fall on LV-426


First War on LV-426




Zeta 2 Reteculi and LV-426


Explorion on LV-426

Return to the Nostromo

Massacre on Dinner Room

Search on Nostromo

Trap in Vents

Trap on Airlock

Fight on Dinner Room

Attack on Nostromo

Escape on Nostromo

Confrontation on Narcissus


Drone Alien kill Ripley's Crew

Nostromo Explode

Ripley send the Drone Alien to Space

Ripley and Jones survive



Weyland Yutani


Weyland Yutani (Late)





Ellen Ripley








Facehunger Alien

Drone Alien of Nostromo

Ash (Late)








Facehunger Alien

Drone Alien of Nostromo

Ash (shut down by Ripley and burned by Parker)

The Nostromo's Incident was a confrontation between the Nostromo`s Crew and the Drone Alien (Nostromo), Weyland-Yutani was responsible for this incident there was a secret mission only Ash know and was charge without others knowing.

Awakening Edit

Nostromo returning to Earth.

In deep space, a commercial starship UUCS Nostromo with 20.000.000 tons of mineral ore with 7 crew and a cat his in journey to return to Earth, Mother an artificial intelligent intercepted a unknown transmission stop the journey and opened the cryo-sleep capsules

Cryo-sleep capsules open.

were the crew sleeps, Kane the executive officer first awake and go while others awake, on the kitchen Kane came turn on a monitor and call Lambert the navigator to rise and go prepare his breakfast, she ask about the hours he ask her if she care, as prepare the breakfast he call Dallas the Captain and Ash, he spotted Dallas and say
Kane prepare breakfast

Kane prepare his breakfast.

"good morning Captain", Dallas ask about the coffee Kane prepare the Coffee, Kane call Ripley the Warrant Officer and tell to not forget Jones the cat again, call Parker the Chief Enginner he look to them, smiling and say that they have a Parker and a Brett the engineering technician behind, he ask Parker if he want some coffee.

Breakfast Edit

Crew having breakfast.

The crew having breakfast and smiling Brett tell Parker to talk about the money, Parker talk to everyone before they dock and talk about the bonus situation

Parker talking to the crew about bonus situation.

and say that he and Brett deserve a full of shares Brett agreed but he tell to Parker that bonus situation has been never on an equitable level, Dallas tell them that they are contracted like everybody else but Brett say that everybody else get more that Parker and Brett, Mother call Captain Dallas he ordered Parker to get dress Parker tell to let him finish the coffee that his the only good thing on the Nostromo.

Looking the Earth Edit

On upper deck Dallas grab the key pass and enter in the secure room were the computer core of Mother lies, Dallas sit on the deck
Mother 6000

Dallas talking with Mother.

and talk with Mother, ask her what his going on, Mother answer, on the bridge Ripley, Kane, Lambert and Ash, they watch the screens the Earth is no see, Lambert ask were the Earth but they don't know Ripley say that his not their system, Kane tell Ripley to

Ripley try contact Earth.

contact Earth seconds after no answer Kane tell her to keep try Ripley continue to contact the Antarctica traffic control, Lambert scanning to locate were they are, she locate they are in a short of

Lambert locate Zeta 2 Reteculi.

Zeta 2 Reteculi and they don't reach outer rim yet, Lambert asking what they doing there, Kane didn't knowing, Ripley say that isn't their System Lambert tell she know of that. Dallas call everybody into the dinner room.

Talking on the corridor Edit

On an corridor Parker and Brett talking about nobody come to the corridor

Parker and Brett talking on the corridor.

were they are that were the work his, Brett say that his the same reason were they get share half worth their time and the crew and that his the way they see of it, but Parker tinks why they didn't they come there his because of Brett that he has no personality.

The Transmission Edit

On the dinner room the others waiting for Parker and Brett, when they enter Parker tell Ash that he his on his sit, clean and sit, when all reunited, Parker ask Dallas what is going on, he informed them they are not in Earth they half journey, tell them the Mother stop the journey, Kane ask why, Dallas tell him that she his programmed to do that should certain conditions arise and they have, Ripley ask what are they, he tell that she intercepted a transmission from unknown origin and she want

Crew listening Dallas about the transmission.

they to check out, Ripley was curious about the transmission in the area were they are, Lambert ask what kind transmission was, Dallas say acoustical beacon that repeats at intervals 12 seconds, Kane ask if his a S.O.S., Dallas didn't know, Ripley ask if his Human, he say "Unknown", Brett ask "So what", Parker laugh, Kane say that they "are obligated sector" but Parker interrupted and he say that the Nostromo his a comercial ship not a rescue ship Brett agreed, it not on his contract, this kind of duty and ask about the money he want money, he will be happy to oblige, Dallas call him, Parker tell them to go on bonus situation, Ash ask to talk, Parker let him, Ash tell about the transmission that "there his a clause which specifically states any systematised indicating a possible intelligent origin and must be investigated" but Parker didn't want hear and want going home and party, Parker Dallas say loud to Parker to listen Ash, Ash tell him "on penalty of total forfeiure of shares. No money.", Dallas ask Parker if he got that,

Parker telling Brett there going to investigate the transmission.

Parker laugh say "well yeah", Dallas tell them that "were going in", Parker tell Brett that "were going in".

Locate the transmission Edit

Crew hearded the transmission.

Few minutes later in the bridge Ripley, Kane, Lambert, Dallas and Ash enter Lambert go to the computer to heard the transmission when she put they heard a voice of the Pilot Mala'kak, Kane was socked they located it in one of 3 moons the second call LV-426 also know Acheron of the Planet Calpamos the scanning show that it can set foot and they go.

Landing on LV-426


Nostromo aproaching on Calpamos.

Approaching on the planet Calpamos the crew preparing to go, when getting close to LV-426 the crew go in separate mode and going front following the signal, approaching on LV-426 the Nostromo sailed toward of LV-426 and enter in
Nostromo Detach

Nostromo go in separete mode.

atmosphere, when they get down a turbelance appears, Nostromo chacking, a strange noise goes on the Brett tell the pressure his droping in intake three them they lost a shield but they continue landing, they approaching
Nostromo landing on LV-426

Nostromo landing on LV-426.

on the ground slowing, Dallas active the navigation lights, Lambert doing the coutdown Dallas ordened the crew to kill the drive engines when they reach it one foot of the ship touch in two rocks one small other big and land quickly with force cause very damage and fire the crew use the fire extinguishers, Dallas and Kane ask Parker and Brett about what happened, Dallas ordened Kane to hit the screen. After the fires extinguish, Parker tell the others about the damage of the ship the secondary load sharing unit his out, 3 ot 4 celles gone, Ripley if there his more Parker tell they couldn't fix out there and they must reroute a couple of those ducts Kane say dry dock time, Brett tell Parker to Ripley they need dry dock, Parker tell them they couldn't fixe there anyway they must reroute all the docks and in order to do they must go to the dry-dock, Dallas ask what else, Parker say there are a lot fragments kicked up and they must clean all to repressurize it

Parker and Brett talking about damage of Nostromo.

Ripley ask how long before there be functional, Brett tell Parker "17 hours", Parker say "at least 25 hours" and Ripley tell them to star on the floor painel and she will come help them, Parker ask Brett why she will come, Brett tell that she better stay out of his way, Parker tell he would love to see what she doing when she come. In the bridge Captain Dallas, Kane, Lambert and Ash continue on the signal and they locate it before they go outside they scanned the surface his cover with nitrogen and carbon dioxide, they decide to investigate, Captain Dallas, Kane and Lambert are chosen to go will Ash watch them in the monitors.

Exploration Edit

Dallas, Kane and Lambert go out of Nostromo.

When they ready Ash open the doors Lambert, Kane and Dallas go to elevator when they cannot see Dallas ask Ash if he see them he show yes with the fingers and tell he have contact the three started go to the Beacon. Inside Ripley helping Brett and Parker to fix the damage, Parker ask Ripley what they looking for it that they will receive to, Ripley tell him to not worry that he get want, Brett say that "will not doing any more work until we get this straightened out" and Ripley say to him that

Parker, Brett and Ripley talk about the reward.

he guaranteed by law get to a share, Parker "ask" what Ripley say "what you just fuck off", Parker "ask" again and Brett ask what she say Ripley tell them if they having any trouble that she his in the bridge, Parker call her as they laugh Parker close the tube of vapor Parker say "son of bitch" Brett ask "what" Parker release the vapor again. Outside Dallas, Kane and Lambert continue the search, inside on the bridge Ripley see Mother deciphering the transmission and
Alien Imagem 2831

The Cargo Ship Mala'kak.

waited. Outside Lambert Kane and Dallas continue searching and they found a Cargo Ship Mala'kak, Dallas contact Ash about what they see Ash was surprise he never see it the group of exploration continue approach, as they came closer there interference on

cameras and communications, Ash try contact but too must interference, Dallas talking Ash about the Cargo Ship Malak'ak, when they approaching the entrance the picture goes off Ash try communicate Dallas but no responde, on the entrance Dallas couldn't see the end, Kane say that must continue to go and they enter and moved. Inside explored Kane call them, he see a opened on up, they claim up they enter a room the bridge with

Lambert, Dallas and Kane find a Mala'kak

a fossil Mala'kak in the control painel, Kane was surprise, Dallas and Lambert approach on Mala'kak they discovered a hull on right of his chest, Dallas thinking was explode inside, Lambert ask what happened his crew, she want to get out, on left side of control painel Kane spotted a hull with points melted and call them to see, as they watch Kane say they should to check and volunteered and they prepared the equipment, on the Nostromo Ripley contact Ash about Mother decifres part of the transmission doesn't look a s.o.s Ash ask Ripley say look a warning and she want to go meet with them but Ash convince her to stay and they will say if it his a s.o.s or not.

Discovery Edit

On Cargo Ship Mala'kak Kane ready to go, Dallas tell Kane to be careful and go down as go deep Dallas ask want he see, Kane say a cave and there a hot and turn to left and see

Kane discoverd the Cargo.

a cargo, Kane curious and approach and set on the ground, he approach he saw thousands of Aliens Eggs he touch on the light and slip he continue to move, close on the Aliens Eggs he get closer into one, when he was going to touch a noise hes heard, inside of the Alien Egg a Facehungger Alien moved, he appoint a pistol to the Alien Egg but he look down inside, he saw a Facehungger Alien moved, the Alien Egg opened Kane approach look inside, suddenly
Facehugger grabbing Kane

Facehugger Alien catch Kane.

the Facehugger Alien attack him grab his face and Kane fell, Lambert and Dallas bring Kane up they saw the Facehugger Alien and they carry it back to the Nostromo leaving the equipment behind.

Return Edit

Lambert and Dallas back to the Nostromo carrying Kane, Ash see them, Dallas contact Ripley, Lambert and Dallas go back to the elevator put Kane, Ash on Airlock, inside of the elevator Dallas ordered Ripley to opened the door, she want to know about Kane he say her about the Facehugger Alien, she refuse to opened

Lambert, Ash and Dallas bring Kane on aboard.

by follow the ship's quarantine protocol Dallas ordered to open she didn't obey but Ash opened,they take Kane to the lab, taking the suit except the helmet.

Saving Kane Edit

On the Lab Dallas and Ash cut the Helmet in half and take of, the Facehugger Alien
Facehugger Alien

Facehugger Alien in Kane's face.

has still garbed on Kane's face, Brett has chocked, Parker ask them why didn't freeze him, Ripley came and Lambert pissed slap on Ripley's face for do not opened the door, Dallas tell Ripley when he give a order his to obey even his against the law, Parker say she might be right they don't know what about of the Facehugger Alien, Dallas ask how to get the Facehugger Alien from Kane's face, Ash go look a tool to get, the others look, Ripley ask what happened Lambert tell. Ash grab a feet on Facehugger Alien with a tool but was too tight and his tail pressed Kane's neck do not knowing how to take out Ash decide to look Kane inside, Parker ask again why didn't freeze him, they put Kane inside in a scanner, as scanning him the computer show the picture,

Facehugger Alien putting the Alien Egg inside of Kane.

Dallas ask what he was doing to him, Ash say that he's give him oxygen, Dallas want to take of, Ash warning if take off could kill Kane but Dallas insist and would take responsibility. As they ready to cut Ash tell to cut the first of the feet on the right of the Facehugger Alien, when he cut Alien Blood came out and burn and go to the ground

Alien Blood melting the ground.

melting, Dallas realize it go pass to the hull, alert the others and go down, as down level they go the room of equipment up melting and down the left foot of a suit melt and go to the next deck, as they go the next level they looking, Parker enter a room when he turn to right spotted the Alien Blood, they get close and the Alien Blood stopping, Dallas ask Brett his paint to check, as he checking the paint melting a bit, Dallas realize it his molecular acid, Brett say that use on the Alien Blood, Parker has surprise his mechanism defense, Ripley ask about Kane, Dallas give Brett his paint and say to leave Kane to Ash and the others go back to work. In the lab Ash checking the screen, Lambert in the door ask about the Alien Blood didn't hit on Kane's face, Ash say no, she ask how to get the Facehugger Alien from Kane, Ash didn't know after what happened, he put Kane back to scanner, the others enter in the lab, Parker and Brett ask about Kane if he survived,

Crew watching Kane.

Ripley looks at the x-ray scanner and notices a stain on Kane's lungs, but Ash claims not to know what it is, Dallas ordered to go back to work so they could leave LV-426.

Reparing Nostromo Edit

Parker and Brett continue the repairs talking they shouldn't never set on LV-426, Parker say as soon the repairs be complete they could get out of LV-426 and tell him that LV-426 give him creeps, Brett discovered that could be the repairs be complete and tell Parker to move it, he did it but close one column, Parker watch on the screen and he say to Brett that he had nothing, Brett pissed he fought was that, Parker tell to go next and ask him about the mechanic school and tell him to continue, on other room
Repairs Interrupted

Ripley interrupted the repairs.

Ripley hear them and ask what his happened there, Parker talk to her he say a lot work and he say to her to try some time, Ripley tell to him that she has hard work on the ship, Parker laugh and tell Brett that she his a crouch bitch, Ripley hear that and tell Lambert to lock the cable.

Searching on the lab Edit

Few hours later Ripley ask Ash were his Dallas, Ash tell her that he his in the Narcissus the shuttle, on Narcissus Dallas listen music Ash call to him and say to come to see Kane, Dallas ask what his going on, Ash "tell something happened", Dallas ask if his serious, Ash say "interesting", Dallas tell Ripley to meet with him in the lab and he get out of Narcissus. When arrive on the lab in the window there surprised to see the

Facehugger Alien not in Kane's face.

Facehugger Alien were no longer on Kane's face, Ripley ask were his it, Ash tell he don't know and they should check, Dallas agreed, they opened the door and enter, on the entreace Dallas and Ash check on the sides and up but no sign of Facehugger Alien, Dallas apointed to right and Ash go, Dallas approaching, Ripley tell him to have careful, he check Kane still unconscious, he continue looking to the sides and move front, he go to left to catch a tool, Ripley check down, suddenly Dalas left a box down make Ripley scary it, Dallas apolligice
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