The Antarctic Queen was held captive in chains for untold years in the heart of a Template:Pred Pyramid under Bouvet Island, Antartica. Her containment system consisted of chains to contain her and a series of conveyors to transport away the Eggs she laid. The Queen was kept deeply frozen in the lowest chamber in the Pyramid. The Queen was used by the Yautja to breed Xenomorphs for Young Bloods in their test for maturity in the Rite of Passage.

Hunt of 2004Edit

After a group of human explorers and scientists entered the Pyramid, one of them, Alexa Woods, saw a glyph of what appeared to be a Xenomorph battling a Yautja. After this one of the humans stepped on a floor panel which was set to awaken the Queen, who was cryogenically frozen in the deepest chamber in the temple. When the Queen was brought out of cryo sleep, she awoken and was forced to lay Eggs that would be moved throughout the Pyramid. The Eggs were brought into the Sacrificial Chamber, and Facehuggers crawled out of the Eggs, finding some humans to be impregnated. Soon after, the Chestbursters were grown enough to emerge from their hosts, and soon grew into adult Drones. Soon, the Drones were hunting down the humans for more hosts to populate the growing Hive. Soon after, Yautja were stalking and killing half of the Hive, the Queen was angered about this and called her offspring help her free of her restraints. After the Yautja known as Scar destroyed the Pyramid with his Self-Destruct Device, the Queen survived and climbed out of the ice, and battled Alexa and the Predator. Alexa and Scar fatally wounded the massive Xenomorph, but the Queen eventually killed Scar just before Alexa forced her into the ocean, defeating her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The mechanism and appearance of the Antarctic Queen's containment system in the Predator Temple is one of the most direct references to the original Aliens vs. Predator comic book series and is identical—albeit iced over—to the restraints used on the Queen in that series.


  • It is revealed in the film and its accompanying novelization that the Predators have been coming to Earth for centuries, so it is unknown just how long the Queen lay in dormancy within the Predator Temple. Perhaps for centuries.



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