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Aliens Rouge

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Aliens Rouge

Larger than Queen (15+)
Heavier than Queen
Black with Purple hue
Massive Power, instinctively kills other Aliens

Alien King, Chimera,

The Rogue (sometimes referred to as the "Male" or "King Alien"), was a Xenomorph/human hybrid specifically bred by Professor Ernst Kleist in attempt to produce a tame Xenomorph. Instead it would go on to challenge a Queen and lose.


In the book of the same name, the Rogue, while believed to be more powerful than the Queen, the scientist was shocked to find the Queen was in fact the superior specimen. While the Rogue was larger and stronger, the Queen's superior speed and intelligence enabled her to easily dodge the Rogue's brutish attacks while she slowly wore it down and finally slaughtered it. The scientist, Ernst Kleist, was subsequently killed when he used a sound cannon on the Queen until it went critical, destroying the asteroid base he was on. The Rogue was seemingly much more aggressive and mercilessly attacked the smaller castes of Aliens. This is illustrated when Professor Kleist discovered the crushed corpses of the elite Praetorian guards of the Queen.


Interestingly, the Rogue appeared to have been engineered to ignore humans - when exposed to a human prisoner, the Rogue examined him closely at first, but did not attack and finally ignored him completely. This may be due to a Rogue caste not having  a sense to use humans to breed as the Queen caste. Another possibility is that the human prisoner was unarmed and restrained, and posed no threat. The Rogue's recklessness was shown when it destroyed the barrier that separated the Xenomorph sector and the Human sector, thus allowing Xenomorph Drones to pour into the human sector.

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The Rogue nearly killed an entire hive of Aliens, Including all the Praetorians by itself.


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