This box displays information about a battle with two to four sides.


|name        = 
|width       = 
|margin      = 
|prev        = 
|conc        = 
|next        = 
|slides      = 
|image       = 
|imgdesc     = 
|imgsize     = 
|conflict    = 
|date        = 
|begin       = 
|end         = 
|place       = 
|result      = 
|battles     = 
|side1       = 
|side2       = 
|side3       = 
|side4       = 
|goal1       = 
|goal2       = 
|goal3       = 
|goal4       = 
|commanders1 = 
|commanders2 = 
|commanders3 = 
|commanders4 = 
|forces1     = 
|forces2     = 
|forces3     = 
|forces4     = 
|casual1     = 
|casual2     = 
|casual3     = 
|casual4     = 
|notes       = 

Required Fields

The following fields are mandatory. The rest are optional.

  • side1 and side2
    • The titles of the two combatants. Use side3 and side4 as needed.

Optional Fields

The following are some notes on optional fields.

  • width
    • Sets the width of the sidebar if defined, otherwise the default size of 250px is used.
    • Requires units to be set. 200px is a valid entry. 200 is not. Valid units include: px, %, em, pt.
  • image
    • Set's an image. Default width it 300px. This parameter is ignored if slides is defined.
  • slides
    • Set's a slide show. Enter one or more pictures separated by newlines. Add a {{!}} to separate individual slide captions and link parameters. More info here. E.g.
Avatar.png {{!}} INSER CAPTION HERE {{!}} link=TEST LINK {{!}} linktext=TEST LINK TEXT
  • imgdesc
    • Set's the image's/slideshows caption. It DOES NOT set the caption for individual slides (see above).
  • imgsize
    • Manually sets the width of image, otherwise image uses 250px.
    • Requires units to be set as above.
  • margin
    • Allows you to change the margin. Useful, if you want insert the box in a table for alternative layouts.
    • Default is "0 0 1em 1em" (0px along the top and right, 1em on the bottom and left).
  • begin and end
    • If both are defined it will display "start" and "end" dates.
    • If only begin is defined then it assumes begin contains a single date, a date range or a note about dates. I.e. It contains "Date(s)"
  • conflict
    • Added for BattleBox compatibility reasons.
  • date
    • Added for BattleBox compatibility reasons.
    • This value is completely ignored if begin is defined. If not, it replaces "Start Date" with "Date(s)". end is completely unaffected.
  • notes
    • Any other information